Thursday, 20 August 2015

Planning Ahead of Myself

A few weeks ago, in my excitement at the thought of finally having a garden of our own, I drew up an initial plan for its potential layout in my 'Little Red Book'. I kept it simple, & only included the main features. Not having any proper photos of the space, I based the design on my memory of the garden's existing permanent 'features' (trees & shed) with help from a tiny blurry image on Google Maps satellite view! I will continue to use the 'Little Red Book' going forward for any planning, ideas or designs for the house & garden, so I always have all the info I need in one place.

My initial plan for the general layout of the garden.

When viewing the house again to measure the rooms, it turned out I got the position of the tree near the shed a little out, but generally the plan would still work. I do expect though that as we go along the plan will naturally evolve & grow in an organic way, much like the garden itself, its inhabitants, & this very blog.

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